Latest Taxpayer's Tab: The $41 Billion SOTU

Every year, the President gives his State of the Union Address to a joint session of Congress, and for more than a decade now, NTU Foundation has been scoring the cost of the agenda he outlines in the high-profile speech.

This year, President Obama mentioned 15 proposals that would, on net, increase federal spending by just under $41 billion per year if enacted. There were 5 items that were too vague to score, and no proposals that might cut spending. The total was just below the $41.7 billion per year average of President Obama's past SOTU speeches.

The most expensive proposals in the speech were the President's plan to fund two years of community college for qualified students, at $6 billion per year, and an infrastructure investment plan that would total $87 billion over four years. The White House has called for $320 billion worth of new taxes to finance the agenda.

Check out the full report for more details, including notes for each of the 15 proposals. You can read past SOTU analyses by visiting our research archive.