Cut Down on Your Tax Bill Before 2015

From the National Taxpayers Union Foundation family to yours, I wish you a Merry Christmas!
It’s been quite a year and I thank you for being a part of the solution to America’s problems. What have we accomplished together in 2014? The list could fill volumes!

NTUF broke the news of President Obama’s budget-breaking international travels. He’s on course to be one of the most traveled Commanders-in-Chief in history!

Our BillTally report showed an unprecedented number of Americans what their elected officials want to do with their tax dollars. Though the Tea Party is still alive and well, Congress’ spending patterns may be drifting back toward business as usual.

We showed how the OECD -- an international group of government officials -- wants you to pay more taxes to finance policies borrowed from countries like France and Germany. Our fiscal spotlight put their agenda on notice with a clear message: Mind your own business!

Then there was our research into Election 2014. From Maine to Colorado, NTUF showed Americans exactly what budget they were voting for. The line-by-line reports cut through the campaign rhetoric and gave taxpayers the bottom line on Senate candidates’ fiscal platforms, including winners like Joni Ernst and Cory Gardner.

What a year indeed! And we’re not even finished!

Taxpayers are continually under siege by government bureaucrats and tax-hikers, constantly trying to get more of your money for their pet projects. We can’t let them win.

NTU Foundation has the proven ways to shine a light on federal spending. And, we have a proven way for you to cut down on your tax burden while supporting this great cause…

Donations of any amount made to NTUF are tax-deductible! With your $50, $100, or $200 gift, made before December 31st, you will be able to deduct your contribution on this year’s tax return.

That’s right. The more you help NTUF, the less you have to pay Uncle Sam. It’s a win-win!

Again, thank you for helping make 2014 a banner year for NTU Foundation. I can’t wait to see what we can do together in 2015!