NTU Endorses Bill to End Pensions for Convicted Members of Congress

by Thomas Aiello / /

NTU offers support for H.R. 4314, the "No Pensions for Corrupt Politicians Act of 2017.”

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Illinois’ Pension-fueled Fiscal Crisis Is Warning to Other States

by Demian Brady, Ari Boosalis / /

Illinois should serve as a warning to other states with pension systems in the same poor fiscal condition.
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Latest Continuing Resolution Both Naughty and Nice

by Nan Swift / /

Will the new CR be good or bad? Taxpayers won't know until well into the New Year.
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Public pension cuts? Not for convicted lawmakers


CNBC--Sheldon Silver, the powerful New York state legislator found guilty Tuesday on seven corruption charges, faces decades in jail if his conviction is upheld. But, unlike millions of his former constituents, the former assembly speaker's retirement
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Public Pension Funds Pay Wall Street Millions

by Michael Tasselmyer / /

To make up shortfalls, public pension funds are relying more on so-called "alternative" investments, which can yield higher returns but are riskier and cost more to manage.
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