Wyoming: Legislative Spending Agendas
113th Congress, First Session


Name Party Increase Decrease Net Spending Agenda # of Increases # of Decreases
Barrasso, John R $47 ($288,580) ($288,533) 5 7
Enzi, Michael R $8,440 ($296,225) ($287,785) 15 13
Average   $4,244 ($292,403) ($288,159) 10 10
Lummis, Cythia R $8,080 ($130,622) ($122,542) 19 15


  • Wyoming’s Senate delegation supported legislation that would, on average, reduce federal spending by a net $288 billion. That was the lowest average of any other delegation in the Senate.
  • Among all U.S. Senators, Senator Barasso and Enzi supported the 5th and 6th highest cut agendas, respectively.
  • The average U.S. Representative in the House supported legislation that would, on net, increase federal spending by $145 billion. Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis sponsored a legislative agenda that would result in budget cuts of $123 billion on net.


The full report contains lots of other data points, including the cost of all bills introduced in each Chamber and a look at fiscally-related member caucuses such as the Tea Party Caucus.


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