Vermont: Legislative Spending Agendas
113th Congress, First Session


Name Party Increase Decrease Net Spending Agenda # of Increase # of Decrease
Leahy, Patrick D $24,534 ($8,061) $16,473 36 3
Sanders, Bernard I $991,704 ($8,071) $983,633 37 3
Average   $508,119 ($8,066) $500,053 37 3
Welch, Peter D $1,217,961 ($10,816) $1,207,145 48 11


  • Congressman Peter Welch sponsored 59 bills that if passed into law, would have increased spending by about $1.2 trillion. The average U.S. House Member supported $145 billion in net spending increases.
  • Senator Bernie Sanders supported legislation that, on net, would increase federal spending by almost $1 trillion, more than any other Senator.
  • Vermont’s Senate delegation supported, on average, over $500 billion in net spending increases, the highest average in the Senate.

The full report contains lots of other data points, including the cost of all bills introduced in each Chamber and a look at fiscally-related member caucuses such as the Tea Party Caucus.


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