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BillTally Member Detail Report - 112th Congress, Complete

(Note: All costs are annualized in millions of dollars)

John Boehner  OH
112th Congress, Complete
  Increase Cut Net
  $43 $0 $43

HR 00471 Annualized Cost: $43
Scholarships for Opportunity and Results Act
FY: 1 2 3 4 5 Multi-Year
Cost: $43 $43 $43 $43 $43 $215
Source: Text/BUDGET

Note: All costs are annualized in millions of dollars. Items marked with an "*" are offset against another measure and do not add to a Member's spending total. Nothing in this report is to be construed as an attempt to aid or hinder the passage of any bill before Congress nor as a comment on a Member's fitness to serve. Bill and sponsor data for the 107th through 110th Congresses (2001 through 2008) was supplied by  Information after 2008 is provided by Contact Demian Brady with comments by phone (703) 683-5700 or fax (703) 683-5722. Send email to