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Tim Johnson
112th Congress, 1st Session
South Dakota$15,600-$1,029$14,571
Tim Johnson
113th Congress, 1st Session
South Dakota$19,970-$122$19,848
Tim Johnson
112th Congress, Complete
South Dakota$32,342-$1,224$31,118
Tim Johnson
111th Congress, Complete
South Dakota$145,123-$1,162$143,961
Tim Johnson
107th Congress, 1st Session
South Dakota$44,375$0$44,375
Tim Johnson
109th Congress, 1st Session
South Dakota$65,658-$269$65,389
Tim Johnson
108th Congress, 1st Session
South Dakota$127,262-$197$127,065
Tim Johnson
110th Congress, 1st Session
South Dakota$58,817-$582$58,235
Tim Johnson
111th Congress, 1st session
South Dakota$83,911-$705$83,206
Tim Johnson
108th Congress, Complete
South Dakota$168,817-$531$168,286
Tim Johnson
110th Congress, Complete
South Dakota$113,820-$585$113,235
Tim Johnson
109th Congress, Complete
South Dakota$137,906-$353$137,553
Tim Johnson
107th Congress, Complete
South Dakota$144,264$0$144,264


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