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Big Ethanol

October 13, 2010

Robert Bryce has a great piece on ethanol in The Examiner.  If you haven't read it, please do so.  Here are the closing paragraphs:

It's time to end the corn ethanol boondoggle. Despite decades of lavish subsidies, ethanol has done nothing to cut oil imports. Rather than further compound the mistakes that have already been made by increasing the volume of ethanol in the U.S. motor fuel supply, the EPA and Congress should recognize that ethanol is not, and has never been, an energy program.

Instead, it is a pernicious example of how agriculture subsidies are promulgated and expanded for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many.

I could not agree more.


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Submitted by moveover2011 at: January 7, 2012
The europeans have bio-diesel for over 20 years..time for america to check it out and save us taxpayer the "research" and our taxpayer dollars.!

Submitted by moveover2011 at: January 7, 2012
Well I bet monsanto had a lot to do with the corn =ethanol . better then us citizen eating That corn..

Submitted by eg at: October 21, 2010
ethanol i thought would be a floor for the price of corn . instead it become a powerfull stimules for food inflation . We use 25 % of our corn for fuel, but the waste product contians most of corns value for animal growth , so there should not be too much of a loss . Almost 3 gals of ethonal out of 56 " lb of corn is equal in value to almost $7.00 of gas . The ethanol has been much better for the air .

Submitted by richtfan at: October 14, 2010
this is not even negotiable. of course we should end the stupid corn ethanol subsidy program and end the requirements that fuel be part ethanol. what a stupid rule. ethanol producers and related industries are getting a false economic boost that needs to end.