Government Bytes


The Late Edition: October 7, 2013

by Curtis Kalin / /

Government Shutdown Day 7:

Tribal fraud: An internal audit of Native American tribal areas across America has revealed extensive waste and fraud totaling tens of millions of dollars. “Embezzlement, paychecks for do-nothing jobs and employees who over-billed hours and expenses,” were commonplace, yet the acts have gone unpunished for years. Read more at WSLS.

Parking lot shutdown: The National Park Service has closed the parking lot at the home of George Washington, Mt. Vernon due to the government shutdown. Although, the park is privately owned and remains open. Read more shutdown stories at the Daily Caller.

Furniture fiasco: An investigation of Chicago public school contracts showed major discrepancies.  Certain furniture ordered by schools was not up to specifications when delivered and overcharging routinely occurred. As a result of a local news investigation, the schools have instituted major reforms and are investigating the issues. ABC7 has more details.