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ObamaCare Already Slamming Companies

by Jordan Forbes / /

For those of you interested, the House Republican Conference released a document outlining merely a snapshot of those companies already suffering under the President’s health care “reform” legislation.  AT&T looks to be the hardest hit as they book $1 billion in first-quarter costs related to ObamaCare. These added costs come from a change in the tax treatment of Medicare subsidies, and now AT&T is saying they will be forced to consider changes to the health care benefits offered to their current and retired workers.

Other companies feeling the immediate effects of ObamaCare include Medtronic, Deere & Co., Caterpillar, 3M, and Valero Energy. I reiterate immediate. It’s hard telling what they will pay two years from now. This is just the beginning, folks. Costs will continue to rise until we repeal and replace.

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